Wednesday, September 12, 2018

My Go-To Shoe this Fall: White Combat Boots

Well, friends, I'm going to be perfectly honest with you. I wrote out this whole post about how I splurged major on these combat boots and how they were worth the price tag.  After writing the whole post, I clicked on the link, only to find they are sold out of most sizes AND they're on sale. SO! If you wear an 8 or a 9, hurry on up and grab these for $100.

Luckily, a bunch of brands are showing this trend this fall so there are plenty of other pairs out there - almost identical in fact.  SO instead of me rambling on and trying to convince myself that I spent my hard earned cash on this pair of boots and it was totally worth it - I'll leave you with a round-up of a few other pairs and two of my favorite looks to date.



Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Pop of Red for Fall Transitional Dressing

For so long I was consistently purchasing only neutral pieces.  There have been many all black looks over the course of my blogging career, and don't get me wrong, you can't go wrong with a neutral black look.  However, heavily influenced by Catherine, I have been trying to add more color variety to my wardrobe.  A few months back I posted about red dresses for summer, and here I am again writing about the fiery color.  There is just something about red that turns heads, and let's be serious, I like to turn heads.  

So as we transition into fall, here are some red pieces that you can add to your wardrobe to change things up.   Moving into the cooler months, it is tempting to gravitate towards darker colors - browns, greens, and earth tones, but I encourage you to find that color that catches your eye, to make more of a statement this season. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Why I've Been Layering My Looks Daily

I've been known to make some unconventional fashion choices over the years, and this very well might be one of them. A tee over a dress? Why not just wear a skirt? Well, for one, I hate skirts, but that is beside the point. 

So what is the point? I have taken to going sans bra in public over the summer, and so that means that is necessary to layer, layer, layer so that people aren't seeing everything! I have taken it pretty far without a bra on a few occasions, but a white tee shirt is a step that I'm not really willing to take. SO, at the beach, I chose to layer this Perfectly, Imperfect tee over my trusty high, low midi dress! 

Monday, August 6, 2018

Photo Diary of Our 3rd Anniversary at The Omni Homestead

If you know John and me, you know that we got married at The Homestead 3 years ago. If you know this, you probably also so a lot of these images on my insta-story last week when we spent our third anniversary there.  Each time we go to The Homestead I do a varying amount of documenting, and this time I was actually preettttttyy good, so I figured I would share with you guys.  Mostly iPhone photos, to make it easy on my personal photographer, Johnny :)

Our trip was perfection, per usual.  We had an amazing dinner at Jefferson's, spent the day in the spa garden, played late night games of Gin Rummy in the Great Hall, caught some last few rays, lazy river time and slides before heading out of town.

I've linked some of my looks throughout the post, but otherwise, it's pretty much a shortened photo diary of our two days in our favorite place.

Shop the Suit, Headband and Similar Pieces



Shop This Look:

Top + Booties c/o Nasty Gal  (where everyting is 50% off right now!)

My handsome hubby wearing custom Alton Lane. 

My favorite purchase this summer, this dress from Revolve, is still avail in all sizes! 

See you *hopefully* at Christmastime, Homestead! 

Taylor Swift Reputation Stadium Tour Looks

THE WEEK HAS FINALLY COME! Ever since we missed out on the 1989 Tour, we vowed that we wouldn't miss Taylor Swift's next tour.  Luckily, my sister helped us snag some tickets during the Pre-Sale and we will be Atlanta Bound this weekend to see the Reputation Stadium Tour.  To say that we are excited is an understatement.

For weeks, we have been talking about what we are going to wear.   Do we do the twinning thing? Do we recreate the two album magazine tour looks? Do we just wear Taylor gear? This has been a serious back and forth.  Finally, last week, we decided to do a little bit of all of it.  Catherine found this 'Gorgeous' tee on ASOS, and I purchased the sweatshirt from her Merch shop and created a look that is an ode to her Gucci Sweatshirt / OTK Boots look from the Look What You Made Me Do video.  Cath added the sequin skirt as the perfect statement piece to top off her look.
Who else has caught the Reputation Stadium Tour this summer? No spoilers - but - how was it!? Anyone going to be at the show in Atlanta this weekend? Drop a note in the comments!