Tuesday, April 17, 2018

What's in My Bag

When I started on this blogging journey, my knowledge of ANY sort of beauty related products was extremely slim.  I picked up a few things from friends in college, and from my mom working at Saks, but I never really had strong preferences.  Along this adventure, I have discovered some tried and true products that I keep in my purse at all times.  Some, like Kate Somerville's Depuffing balm, I first discovered from brand collaborations and have continued to use and others like the Too Faced Hangover Primer, I have learned from Cath.  

In any case, here are the 7 products you can find in my purse on the reg. 

Darphin All Day Hydrating Hand and Nail Cream - I received this from Darphin during a collaboration and it has been a favorite ever since. It seriously makes my hands so incredibly smoothe and the light rose water scent is so delicate.

Kate Somerville Goat Milk Depuffing Eye Balm - I also discovered this from a brand collaboration, but man is it a miracle worker.  Its tingling sensation wakens the senses and you can say goodbye to tired eyes!

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Rosewater and Aloe - This one is a new addition to my collection. For years I used this Rosewater and Glycerine spray (still Cath's favorite) but I recently decided to try this one out. So far so good but we'll see when it runs out if I go back to the old faithful or keep up with this new one!

Too Faced Hangover Primer - Even on mornings when I'm not putting on a full face of makeup (let's be serious, most mornings) I like to use this.  The coconut water hydrates the skin and it makes you feel refreshed even on the most tired mornings. 

OPI Alpine Snow - Although I have gone back to getting gel or dip manicures, for some reason I still keep this in my purse in case of emergency.  I can thank Cath for this one as well, she started my addiction to white nails!

Diptyque Eau Rose Solid Perfume - This amazing scent is a recent addition to my collection, thanks to Octoly and I love having it on hand whenever I travel. Much easier to have on  the go than a full sized perfume bottle! 

Winky Lux Velour Lip Color in Meow - This is officially my new favorite matte lip! The brand sent it to me a couple weeks ago and it has been my go-to ever since. 

What do you guys keep in your purses? Any faves that I need to know about?!

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Spring Break Stay at Graduate Athens

Last week, over John's spring break, I had the *brilliant* idea to take him down to Athens, to show him around downtown and UGA. I only went to Georgia for my first year of college, but my besties there can attest to the fact that I visited atleast 3 times a year during our college years. The drive from Charlottesville was always a doozie, but totally worth it.  I've been telling John this for years, tried to make plans with our pals to meet up in Athens for a game, but alas, it just never happened.  So when we had the chance to choose a destination this April, I asked my friends if the Graduate if we could check out their property there. 

Friday, March 30, 2018

Signature 8 Cropped Denim

I'm pretty sure that sometime last fall I wrote a blog post talking about how I just could not pull off cropped denim. The trend has been everywhere for a while now and I just couldn't get into it.  But that was before this Signature 8 denim pair caught my eye when I was perusing ASOS before our Dominican vacay.  *Added to Cart* And the rest is pretty much history.  From the airport to the first night of One Big Holiday, jamming out to My Morning Jacket, to Sunday brunch at Joe's Inn, they've been on serious repeat.  Are you guys into the cropped denim trend?! I've rounded up some of my favorites for spring for you guys here: 

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Spotlight on Josie Maran, Chanel + Navy Hair Care

I am extremely picky when it comes to any kind of skincare product. Growing up with eczema and seriously dry and sensitive skin, I always used exactly what the dermatologist told me to. Lots of Aveeno and Aquaphor in my youth, to say the least.  Along this blogging journey, I have tried dozens of products and when I find something that works for me, I like to share it :)  Over the past few weeks I have been trying out a few Josie Maran products that they sent me, as well as some luxe Chanel products that Saks gave me during beauty week and my skin is in hog heaven!  

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

A Love Affair with a Jacket from Tommy Jeans

It was true love at first sight when I was perusing ASOS, looking for the perfect denim jacket. I immediately added it to my cart, without even looking at the price. Then, I cringed a little when I saw it was ~$200, then realized it was Tommy and thought, well it's probably going to be worth it. So I ordered it and decided to take it for a little spin and see if I just couldn't live without it.

Turns out, I couldn't live without it.  I even tried ordering another, more bank account friendly option but it didn't even come close!! I fully believe that some items are worth spending a little extra money on, because you know its going to stand the test of time and probably still be hanging in my closet when I'm old and wrinkly. Either that or I'll pass it down to my children.  *Welp, this has taken a weird turn all of a sudden* 

The moral of this story is: spend money on solid pieces, because there's a reason behind that price tag. Also, you all probably need this jacket, its incredibly soft (yes, weird for a denim jacket I know, but its true) and the stars on the back are just the icing on the cake.  I'm not even going to link any other jean jackets in this post because this is really the only one worth buying.

Slip Dress, Urban Outfitters (similar). Jacket, Tommy Jeans. Shoes, Zara (similar). Sunnies, Quay Australia. Layered Chokers, Gorjana. Hair by Marissa at Ave 42. Photos by Hannah.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Mixing Textures: Leather and Velvet

When you find the perfect velvet + lace slip dress on sale at Zara, and find these kickass boots on sale too - well, that's a great day.  I hit the end of winter Zara sale pretttttty hard a few weeks ago and am stoked about my finds! Lately, as Cath and I have been trying to keep things interesting here on TCP, I've been really into stepping out of the box and trying new looks that I may not feel 100% comfortable with.  This mixed textures look was one definitely of them!

My 30th Birthday at The Homestead

I know, I literally just posted about holidays at the Homestead right before John and I took our latest trip, but what can I say - I obviously have to share our trip from my birthday! 

Often times when John and I travel, I have the full intention of documenting the trip with our "nice camera" in true Fashion Blogger manner, but over the course of the trip I find I am enjoying myself too much to worry about snapping the "right shot."  That's exactly what happened on our stay at The Homestead. So, instead, here are a few snaps from my phone that might not be the best quality, but you get the gist. 

From our spa day, to the amazing shrimp and grits I had at Jefferson's for dinner, the day was exaccccctly what I wanted. Me + John + The Homestead. The perfect way to ring in 30!