Thursday, January 17, 2019

The Donald Pliner Clog Saga

This post goes out to my mama!

The Saga of the Donald Pliner Clogs began in August 2017, when I saw local Shoe boutique Shoe Box post an instagram of these awesome fur lined clogs. (Evidence here on the post, where I commented NEEED) My mom was working on and off at Shoe Box and I texted her saying how much I liked the shoes! She asked me which color I liked better, I let her know, and sort of forgot about it. Christmas came and went, no clogs. 

Fast forward to last fall.  I get a text from my mom of a picture of the shoe box, that she had safely "hidden" somewhere in her house and come across a year later.  It happens to the best of us and I was excited that she had indeed bought be the clogs and just misplaced them.  Over the course of the next few weeks I kept going over to her house and accidentally forgetting them, EVERY SINGLE TIME.  She kept asking if I just didn't want them anymore or if my taste had changed (which happens a lot), but honestly I just kept forgetting. 

We are cozied in front of the fire at The Homestead, opening our Christmas gifts and my mom starts to kind of tee-hee as she hands me a package.  I open it up, and its of course, THESE SHOES. Everyone is kind of silent as I had been expecting another pair of shoes for Christmas *cough Gucci loafers*  She told me to open the box, where she had put an envelope with a little money for Christmas and my birthday (the day after) to put towards my Gucci loafers if that was what I wanted.  She admittedly had been afraid that her silly gag gift, wrapping the clogs, was not going to go over well, but when I figured out what was happening, I was thrilled!!! I would get the long forgotten clogs, and my beloved Gucci loafers both.  I wore the clogs on Christmas night and am excited to have them join my ever growing shoe collection.

Mama, I love you and I love the clogs.
Thank you for always supporting my fashion ideas and keeping me looking my best in the everyday and here on my little corner of the internet.

Obviously, the clogs are no longer for sale online, but here's inspiration for the rest of the look >>

I am Trying, I am Winning

We are two weeks into 2019 and we are still riding high on the energy from the new year! We have set some pretty lofty aspirations for the coming year and are looking forward to seeing how things pan out.  Ever since the creation of The Crystal Press, and my blogging career, I have loved having a creative outlet to share my style tips, outfits, travels and dreams with you guys, but it hasn't always been an easy ride.  Keeping up with a blog and two instagram accounts, along with a full-time job, a marriage and well LIFE, has not always been easy.  At times it has felt more like a chore and less like a passion, and this year one of my goals is to create only when I feel inspired and/or excited about a product, piece or brand.

This might be a little unrealistic, as many partnerships and collaborations come with deadlines and guidelines, but if I constantly remind myself of this goal, I think it's attainable for the most part. And I know that Catherine agrees with me on this one. If I am feeling bound by rules and deadlines, then she must be feeling suffocated! I love to have a schedule and guidelines, don't get me wrong, but everyone needs a little wiggle room. It's impossible to create when you're feeling trapped by the rules (aka posting every day, wearing new outfits, linking pieces, cranking out blog posts constantly).

SO -- when I found this top on ASOS and saw it says "I AM TRYING, I AM WINNING" it felt like a sign.  I am going to try my best to keep up with all of the tasks that come with blogging, while also reminding myself to create for the right reasons, and if I can do that, I can count that as a win.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Thoughts for 2019....

I know I am a little late on my "resolutions" post, and to be honest, this isn't really a resolutions post. I have never been one for classic New Years Resolutions, with lists and goals and new workout routines and diets. That just isn't the way I work.  Instead, I am entering into the New Year with a broader sense of the term "goals."  

I learned so much last year; about blogging, about myself (through discovering Human Design with Catherine), about life lessons through grief and loss and so much more.  In 2019, I want to keep blogging and keep dreaming bigger and bigger, but differently than before.  I want to post about and collaborate with brands that I truly believe in and feel passionate about.  I want to stray away from simply outfit posts for outfit posts sake. (I have to say, towards the end of last year, both here and on The Crystal Press, I started to do this. )

I want to post about things that are helpful for my readers. Sure, this is a very therapeutic outlet for me, myself and I but I also want to write what you want to read about! SO- If you're reading this and come here often, I'd like to hear about what you like to see on the blog.  Whether its travel, beauty, or how to style a piece 5 ways, I would really love to hear from you guys. *Drop me a comment below!*  Often times I feel like I am just creating content for content's sake, and that is not helpful for me or for you guys! 

ALSOOOO, my mom insists that I need to get into video and I would absolutely LOVE to know if you guys feel the same.  I am going to start being more candid on insta-stories, but truly want to know if I should make the leap to YouTube. It seems overwhelming and exciting at the same time, and something I have been considering for quite a while now.  Personally, I do not spend much time watching YouTube videos, but I know that lots of people do! So, my question is - do you guys?  

SO 2019 >> I hope you will be a year for:

passion projects
 expansion here + on The Crystal Press
 travel travel travel 
more self-discovery
 and beyond. 


photos: Kaytee Lauren

Tart Collections Zoey Coat

A few years ago, Tart Collections sent us these fabulous faux fur coats, and to this day they are something we get the most compliments on! It also started off our inclination towards twinning, which we have enjoyed on and off over the past few years.  So when they reached out again this winter to collaborate, we jumped at the opportunity to spruce up our faux fur collection.  We loveeee this Zoey Coat and have been wearing it basically non-stop since they landed on our door step.

It's no surprise that for this Sundayyyy jaunt in Scott's Addition, we both showed up wearing our favorite cropped pants + current favorite shoes.  We tend to end up coordinating more often than not, without planning ahead.  I guess you could say we are on the same frequency :) In any case, we'll choose faux fur over anything, any day during the chilly winter months! There's also something so very festive about them and we love how versatile this particular style is.
What's your current favorite outerwear trend?

PS. Richmond friends, have you been to the new-ish Don't Look Back in Scott's Addition? We love the ode to the old Triple Pool Hall, and of course the margaritas!


[line]faux fur coatstart faux fur PPS. Thanks for the oh so fab shades, Jeepers Peepers! //  PHOTOS: Kaytee Lauren

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Kicking Off The Season with A New Outlook

This holiday season has gotten off to a rocky start, as my best friend's father passed away last week and it hasn't really felt like a celebratory time.  I took some time away from social media and blogging while we spent our last days with him, and following his passing I spent time with our friends and family in Georgia.  When Hal was in the hospital battling a quick, horrible cancer, I got to spend time with him during which, as always, he bestowed his precious wisdom.  He reminded Anna and I that our clothing and "things" are simply entertainment. We should not put so much focus on these but rather our relationships, with each other, friends, family, and God.  We should be focused year round on giving (and not buying things for ourselves) because we are fortunate to have enough to be able to give. Our entertainment should take a back seat. 

While I took these words to heart and will remember them always, I also know that Hal would not want me to give up on my passion and my dreams, which happen to be focused on fashion and styling.  There has got to be a balance here somewhere and I intend on finding it.  I'd like to think that because I work hard and genuinely care about all of the work that I do (fashion related, and not) that I can treat myself to the finer things in life on occasion.  After all, no matter how cliche or materialistic it sounds, when we look good, we feel good. And I know that Hal always wanted us to feel good in our skin.  Going forward, I am going to do my best to remind myself of this balance.  When I feel like buying something new for myself, first think of something I can first do for someone else. Then, if I still want to buy the shoes, buy the shoes. 

Anna and I laughed at him basically calling us materialistic, but at the end of the day, he made a great point. I cannot claim that I will get rid of all of my possessions, but I can aim to always remember that I am lucky and fortunate to be able to support my style habits and can afford to give a little more to those in need. 

So on that note, in the spirit of treating ourselves to something nice every once and a while, I've rounded up 16 pieces that might be worth investing in this holiday season to make you feel your best. For your holiday parties, or simply because you want to dress up and feel good, I've picked items that aren't going to break the bank in the process! 

aaaaand, every girl needs at least one faux fur coat in her winter closet. Here are some of my favorites right now. I can foresee this camo teddy coat in my near future :) 

Monday, November 19, 2018

My Winter Uniform: Black Boots + Oversized Sweaters

Ever since the temperatures dropped, I have basically been living in my newly coined "winter uniform."  Well, actually, I have been wearing this oversized knit from boohoo throughout the fall and only when it got to be cool enough did I start to pair it with my fave trusty leggings + new boots from Marc Fisher! Each time I go to create a blog post about closet essentials, I don't even mean to round up only black items, but alas it tends to happen quite frequently! It's not that I don't enjoy wearing colors and patterns, but when it comes to the basics, I find black is simply easiest.  Every girl should have at least one oversized black sweater and pair of black boots in their closet and I have found that every couple years my collection needs a bit of an overhaul.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Lately: My Fall Favorites

It's that time of the season, where I take a peek at my instagram and look out for trends / favorites that are reoccurring both on social media and in my daily looks. Because, TBH, I am a serial outfit repeater and I have no shame in admitting that. If you like something (especially if its a staple piece like a sweater) why not wear it more than once a week? Or more likely, 3 days in a row?  A few of my favorite looks so far this fall have been based around a few key pieces:

The best part about all of these pieces? They're all $40 or under. SO shop the looks, pieces inspired by them and make sure you scroll down for a bonus look for a good cause. 



anyone else notice that I appear to have a "signature pose?"  lolol, who knew I always chose photos where I'm doing that head tilt and eyes closed thing?


October is a special month for us over on The Crystal Press. Catherine and I worked with a couple different organizations this month to support Breast Cancer Awareness, a cause close to both of our hearts. We teamed up with eBay and CFDA to promote BCA this month with these boob tees and it was such fun creating content for a great cause.  Shop for yours today to help support their Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Project and you can 'twin' with us too!


photos 3, 4, 6 + 7 by Kaytee Lauren