Tuesday, August 25, 2015

butterfly cut out

*As seen on The Crystal Press*milly sans wrinkle 1milly sans wrinkle 3Since I got engaged last year, I have been collecting white dresses (as some of you may have noticed). From Free People to Alice & Olivia to this beautiful Milly number, I have collected quite a few and i just cant stop wearing them! This was a favorite on my honeymoon and I know it is sure to be a staple in my closet from now on - because, who says you have to stop wearing white after your wedding day? Hopefully no one.

ps. I haven't taken off this OCIE New York Trina Triangle necklace since our party last week! Make sure to check out Sarah's other beautiful pieces.

milly 3

milly sans wrinkles 6


  1. Such a lovely white dress sleeve really finish it

  2. I loved how you paired the dress with the fringe boots! Such a cute outfit (:
    Lauren x

  3. The sleeves are perfect! They look so elegant on you.