Tuesday, February 20, 2018

LATELY - Seeing Stars, Gray Days + Girl Boss Tees

In case you don't always keep up on the 'gram, or have or whateva, here's a roundup of some of my favorite looks over the past few weeks! 

Last week I posted back to back photos, wearing star pieces and I didn't notice until someone commented on it. I guess I've had stars on the mind lately! Who knew? Maybe some of Catherine's astrology knowledge has been rubbing off on me......



Have you guys heard of Hackamore Energy? They've got the first clear coffee shot for those of you who don't drink coffee, or want to add a little umph to your cocktails! No more nasty RB with your RBV. 

I got so many comments on my instagram and story DMs when I wore this pizza tee last Friday night! I was pretty excited when Nicher reached out to me about trying one of their graphic tees, because well, who doesn't love pizza, ice cream & fries? Check out their fun selection HERE

We've had many dreaaaaaary grey days lately in #RVA, and it feels like I've been blending in with the weather on a few occasions.  However, no one ever said grey had to be boring! Shop a few of my favorite grey pieces here >>



I'm not a huge coffee drinker, but when Wandering Bear reached out to me, I really like what they had going on so I decided to try it.  It is a seriously delicious cold brew that flew out of our fridge at a rapid rate! Definitely has the Johnny seal of approval as well.  (PS. obsessing over this velvet + lace Free People top; a great transition piece!)

Clearly between the pizza tee and this one, I am seriously loving graphic tees these days. (I also talked about the loveeee on The Crystal Press last week). I am especially loving the bad ass babes vibes with all of the tees I am seeing on my favorite retailers lately.  Want to remind yourself and the world that you're a #girlboss? Check out this awesome selection of tees. 



PS. I recently got my hair done a la balayage by the amazing Marissa at Avenue 42 Style Studio, as you can see in some of these more recent photos! I definitely recommend checking them out if you're looking for a new stylist, looking to add a little pop of color to your mane or simply want to treat yourself to a nice blow out. 

Have a great week, folks! xx Reb

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