How I Chose My Bridesmaids Dress

When Cath told me that we were all going to get to pick out our bridesmaids dresses I was SO excited.  I did this for my bridesmaids at my wedding and it was such fun and gave the photos such dimension.  Catherine gave us one guideline: black and we were free to go from there.

I started with my shoes, naturally.  I knew I wanted to wear these studded Miu Miu’s (that I actually wore in one of the first posts on TCP) because they totally went with the vibe that Cath had described she wanted on her perfect day.  So from there I obviously wanted to show them off, because if I’m going to be wearing 4 inch heels for approx. 12 hours, gotta show ’em off.

When the opportunity arose to work with Fame & Partners to chose my custom dress, I was immediately drawn to this off the shoulder + high-low combination. (Recently named The Julianne). They have a variety of mix-and-match styles to choose from and you simply send them your measurements and a few weeks later your custom dress arrives on your doorstep. It was brilliant!

A few of my favorite Fame + Partners Pieces right now

Lastly, I wanted to add a little texture and ADA Collection wrap belt was the perrrrrfect choice.  I got SO many compliments on the dress + belt combo and felt very grateful to both of these brands for working with us to make Cath’s vision come to life.

Jen’s glam long sleeve dress was also from Fame & Partners! So stunning. 

So fun having my sissy there to celebrate with us!

*obsessed with this photo and these ladies!!!*

Some CathClaire wedding inspired black heels on Revolve Clothing right now >> (AKA The Fiercest of the Fierce – vamp up your shoe game todayyy!)

photos: Kaytee Lauren // Cath’s Full Wedding Post HERE.

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