The Homestead at Christmas

Until a few years ago, I had only visited the Homestead during the summer. My dad had a conference there every other year and it was always my favorite part of the summer!  John and I had been dating for 6 months before his 30th birthday and I decided to take him for the occasion and share the place that was so special to me. (Little did he know, it was part of my scheme to take him there because it is where I wanted to get married)  His birthday is in January and while we were there, it snowed and we sat in the hot springs while the flakes fell, and cozied up by the fires in the Great Hall.  It was truly magical.

Little did I know, it could get even more magical during the holiday season.  Subsequently, we decided to take a pre-Christmas / wedding planning getaway the next year, knowing that we were going to be getting married there in the summer of 2015.  Upon walking into the Great Hall and seeing the giant tree, I knew that I had to experience this every year.  Last year we spent Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and my birthday  (yes, the day after Christmas) there with my parents and it was unforgettable.  My parents have promised that we will do it again next year, which hey, Mom! I’m holding you to that.

So, even though we are missing Christmas Day this year, John and I are going up there to spend my 30th birthday and I’m just so so excited.  Spa Day followed by dinner at Jefferson’s is certain to be the best day ever. See you soon, Homestead!  I can’t wait.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from our trips over the years

Way back when, when I had loooooong long hair!

Looking for a good last minute holiday getaway?  I definitely recommend the Homestead 🙂

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