spring style: layering with Gucci tights

When John and I were in Austin, the weather wasn’t exaaaaaactly what we had imagined.  When we booked our trip we were thinking we would be escaping to sunny Texas from cold Virginia, but we were oh so wrong!! The weather was exactly like at home, and every single person we talked to said “you know it’s never this cold here!”  I even had to postpone my shoot with Divina, because we didn’t think that being out in the 30 degree weather would be fun for either of us. Luckily, it warmed up by our shoot on Wednesday but I was definitely glad that I packed layers!

I am so, so ready for shorts weather but it’s just not quiteeeeee time yet. So, I took inspo from Cath and paired my new Gucci tights with jean shorts so I didn’t freeze my little tail off. I also had a sweatshirt & jacket on hand for when I climbed on that bird scooter and felt the breeze.  This time of year you gotta be prepared for anything, amiright?

My Gucci tights are back in stock, but I’ve also rounded up some more budget-friendly options from Nordstrom for you guys here >>

Photos by Divina Stennfeld, Austin, TX

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