5 Year Anniversary Photos

Okay, so I couldn’t resist a sneak peek at our photos on IG and in the last post – featuring the wrap dress, BUT HERE ARE EVEN MORE!

We shot these photos with the lovely Halle Kennon a few weeks ago, and I have been dying to share them ever since. If you have read the past few posts, you know I ordered three dresses from Rent The Runway and couldn’t decide which one to wear, so I wore all three! {More about Rent the Runway and Why I am Loving it, in the last post, as well.}  From the dresses, to the location, to the shots that Halle captured, this shoot turned out exactly as I had imagined it! Considering that all of my photos for TCP & RP are usually all black, simple and minimal, I wanted to try something different for this shoot and I am SO glad I did.

I don’t have much more rambling to do, as the photos speak for themselves but

TO JOHNNY: I love you. Thank you for always supporting me and encouraging me; for always making me laugh and being the straight up weirdest, most unique person that I know.  I am so glad that we got to celebrate in our favorite way, at our favorite place, The Homestead and hope that we continue that tradition as long as we live! Quar with you wasn’t always easy, but I am so grateful for the extra time we got to spend together. May we keep on laughin’ hon! CHEERS TO MANY, MANY MORE YEARS!

anniversary photos[
anniversary photos

anniversary photos

anniversary photos


bw anniversary photos

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