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I have tried and used so, so many apps over the years as I am sure many of you have.  Here are a few tried and true favorites that I use maybe in some cases*too often*.



The Tezza App is my go-to app for editing all of my photos! Created by mega blogger Tezza Barton and her husband Cole, it has everything you need if you are inexperienced with photography, presets, lightroom, photoshop etc.  I usually use the same preset for all of my photos and you can adjust the exposure, grain, lighting etc just like any photo app! If having an aesthetic feed is your thing, this is the app for you. Or, just if you like to do a little *light* editing, it is perfect. It also has video editing features like stop motion, vintage film, paper filters and more. AND story templates.  A one stop shop, for real!

tezza app 2
tezza app 3



I recently discovered the Clickher app and I am loving it! It is a one stop shop for beauty, home, fashion and wellness inspiration.  If you feel like you are constantly scrolling an overwhelming amount of articles and videos looking for inspiration, this is the app for you! It features a limited amount of GOOD articles, curated by real people in an easy to read way.  You can select the topics you are passionate about and see what people have shared recently! They share smaller creators, who might not be seen otherwise (aka ME!) because, we all know what the Kardashians are doing, right? Download Clickher today and fuel your inspiration.


clickher app
clickher app

rebecca piersol mercari

mercari rebecca piersol


I love, love, love Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, etc.  I love quality over quantity any day. But my bank account hates designer prices. I have done a lot of secondhand shopping for luxury items and Mercari is my favorite app.  I have found the best #deals on sweatshirts, t-shirts, shoes and bags! Last year, I found a REAL LV Pochette bag, NWT for just $350. It was a great day. Save your wallet and take a lil step toward sustainable fashion when you shop secondhand for designer items.



In the same breath and post, yes, sometimes we want new things and thats ok, too! Modesens is an app (and website) that helps you find luxury and designer pieces at the best price! It compares prices across different retailers, while also alerting you to sales for your favorite items.  Browse and save the items you are dying to have to be sure you get the best price available.  They curate lists of sales, popular items, trendy pieces and more.  Think of it as your personal shopping assistant. Everyone needs one of those! Sign up for Modesens today and thank me later.

modesens app
modesens app


This post was sponsored by Clickher but the opinions are my own.


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