Things I’m Loving in My 2nd Trimester

Second Trimester faves coming in hot!

2nd trimester favorites

Time is flying by and I feel like a broken record saying that, but it is true! I can’t believe I’m halfway through the second trimester. 

Yesterday was 21 weeks (baby is the size of banana blah blah blah) and luckily I am feeling great.  I truly have nothing to complain about.  Sure, I am exhausted and seriously emotional, but considering everything I went through to get here, I feel A-OK. My body is changing daily and I have to be sure to listen to it closely and take care of myself mentally and physically.  It can be reallyyyyyyyy easy to get wrapped up in my stress and anxiety but I am trying my best not to and that’s all I can do! One day at a time. One day at a time.

SO, let’s get to it. Let’s talk about some products and tings that have been a huge help during this trimester!



nemah co stretch mark cream
comrad compression socks


Mary Lawless Lee of Happily Grey has been a serious source of inspiration for me as a fashion blogger for years and with the launch of NEMAH she just keeps getting better and better.  NEMAH is a Vegan, sustainable, luxury skincare collection designed for your body before and after baby. I have been using the stretch mark cream as a preventative measure and so far, so good.  It truly feels so luxurious when applying. They also have a scar cream created with c-section scars in mind and a lip + nipple cream in the works! Use this link to save.


These have been AMAZING.  I knew that I should wear compression socks while flying, but I didn’t realize how helpful they would be day to day. Especially on super active days.  They increase your circulation, reduce swelling and energize your legs.  I have been wearing the knee highs on chillier days and they were a life saver on our New York trip traipsing around the city.  I also have been loving the ankle socks and I know they are going to be seriously crucial this summer to help with swelling.


I love these all the time, year round, every day.  But they especially make me feel * put together * these days.  I have a pretty big collection of gorjana and it is part of my daily ritual to pick out my layers. Some of my favorite pieces are linked below 🙂



nemah co cream
hatch skin on skin bra


In case you guys are new here, I hate bras. Like, despise them. Before pregnancy I could probably count on 2 hands the amount of times I wore a bra over the past 5 years. But alas, these girls are GROWING STILL and out of control.  I have been on the hunt for something affordable and comfortable that I can wear daily and postpartum.  The Hatch  Skin on Skin bra is IT. It is so comfortable and truly doesn’t bother me at all. Which is saying a lot.


I recently had to clear out some space in my closet and dresser and most of my old leggings went in a “see you after pregancy” box! Including my beloved Spanx and a few pairs of lululemon leggings.  This belly and these legs and booty just weren’t fitting in them anymore.  I was thrilled when Hatch sent me their Ultra Soft Leggings to fill my everyday leggings void! They are truly Ultra Soft. They have an expandable waistband to come up over bump during pregnancy that folds over after birth.  Highly, highly recommend.

This kit would be a perfect baby gift for the mamas to be in your life!


I just started using this belly oil along with the Nemah cream – alternating them, and truly loving this ritual.  It feels somehow primal and luxurious at the same time.  So far, no stretch marks, but I’ll keep ya posted!


This gel cooling cream for legs and feet is truly divine. After New York, my whole body was in some sort of discomfort and I LOVED using this cream. It’s infused with natural ginger & mint in a soothing but not overwhelming way.


So far, I have obviously only used this on my lips but loving it for that.  Not looking forward to those dry nips, but I’ll be prepared when the time comes.

Use code REBECCA10 for 10% off on Hatch!! 

hatch mama must haves

pregnancy essentials

tammy fender rose water
indie lee cleanser


I am a sucker for Rose Water spray. I loveeee a spritz anytime of a day for a little pick-me-up. When Follain sent me this one, I was thrilled to try something new! It is truly refreshing, acts as the perfect toner and make-up setting spray.  Well worth the price tag. You can use my Follain code REBECCA15 FOR 15% off.


This cleanser is a new addition to my skincare routine and I am serious, it has changed my skin completely.  It smells SO good and has my skin seriously soft and hydrated, even as we come out of the cold winter months.  I have friends who found out I was using this and RAVE about it.  If only they had told me sooner! This is a must.  You can use my Follain code REBECCA15 FOR 15% off.


These have been my go-to favorites for probably 7 years now. They have an in-between price point and the pairs that I have had for years are still in great condition.  I sized up to a medium in my recent order just to accommodate the bump but the small has stretched with me too 🙂 I have the short version, too.


These are half the price of the Nordstrom, and almostttttt as good. They are great if you are already doing your Target run and decide to add to your online or IRL cart. Cath got me the shorts set right when I found out I was pregnant and they are perf for summer or if you are a hot sleeper!


I haven’t been using this to sleep because it is huge, lol, but I have been using it to hang out and work in bed. My “lair / bed desk” as I like to call it.  We’ll see if I eventually use it to sleep! Luckily, I haven’t been having trouble sleeping on my side yet, but things can change.


I have been reaching for these glass mugs for my tea lattes and coffee more than any other mug lately because they keep things warm longer! A must.



Mom friends – what were your second trimester faves? Would love to know and share!


2nd trimester must haves
2nd trimester must haves

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