Downtown Street Style Maternity Photos

Let’s start this one out by saying, going into this shoot I was kicking myself for not scheduling our maternity photos sooner.  I was 35 weeks when we took these, and I really wish I had scheduled them around 30 weeks. At 30 weeks I felt better and, in my opinion, looked better. Cute bump and not all the swelling.  Luckily for me, Johnny assured me that I looked great so I decided to just embrace the hot, sweaty, pregnant bod for the photos.



Naturally, I had a hard time deciding on a location and a vibe, so I decided to do more than one location and not two but three different vibes.  We went with Romantic/Ethereal, Street Style & Sleek/Sexy.   I started out with one big long blog post for all three looks but it was going to be INTENSE so I decided to create three different posts. Here you’ll find my tips for a sleek and sexy shoot. For the others, click through below to find a full post on the vibe you are looking for.



OK, back to the topic at hand..

rebecca piersol maternity photos get the street style vibes

If you had told me a couple of years ago that I wanted photos with my belly OUT, like really out, on a hot summer day during my pregnancy I would have told you that you were crazy. But crazy things happen during pregnancy and one of those things is a whole new appreciation for the female body.  This body has done some amazing things while growing this little girl, so why not show it off?

I honestly am not sure where the inspo for these outfits and photos came from, but I just had this idea for us both wearing cool sneakers and me with a bra top and jean shorts. I wasn’t reallyyyyy sure it would work the way I envisioned it. But DANG, it really did work.  I am obsessed with all of these photos. Thanks to Halle’s genius, the lighting, the city, the composition and the overall *vibe*, we really nailed the street-style-cool-thing, I think.  I would be thrilled if these took pinterest by storm and inspired other moms and dads to be to adopt this vibe with their photos!

The bra top SKIMS. I LOVE SKIMS. I will shout it from the rooftops! This particular cotton bralette provides the perfect amount of light support without being uncomfortable which is CRUCIAL during pregnancy.  It also looks enough like a crop top to, ya know, be a crop top. I also love the Cotton Rib tank which during pregnancy is also a crop top on me and would have been great for these photos too.

Maternity denim shorts – These were a hand-me-down from one of my friends and they are LEGIT.  I would say for 90% of the time I have been living in dresses, but sometimes shorts just feel better. And for this vibe they were 100% necessary.

Sneaks – I love my custom One-Twelves, but really any good pair of sneakers would work – like John’s Vejas! Honestly, I think the sneakers are the most crucial part of nailing the street style vibe so choosing good ones for you and your partner, or picking favorites out of your closet should be the most fun part! Here are some favorites for inspo:


Air Force Ones

Adidas Stan Smiths 


rebecca piersol maternity photos rebecca piersol maternity photos


Choose a cosmopolitan location! (did that make me sound like a city gorl?) Downtown streets, or in our case, a rooftop parking deck with views of the city are perfect options.  If these aren’t options for you, really any street-style-y location works as long as you bring the outfit and the attitude. Also, you always want to choose golden hour. This is an hour or two before sunset and the lighting helps to add that extra something to the photos when you shoot at golden hour

for him

Throw on a pair of sneakers with one of your man’s favorite outfits and VOILA! *vibe* achieved. For John’s outfit, I have been seriously loving Abercrombie lately! They have frequent sales where everything is 20% off sitewide, and I recently grabbed him a new short sleeve button down and a couple new pair of shorts on sale.  The shirts are perfect for summer and come in a bunch of fun prints. Highly recommend for your men, ladies! Graphic tees would also be perfect to nail the street style mood.



rebecca piersol maternity photos

rebecca piersol maternity photos rebecca piersol maternity photos rebecca piersol maternity photos

rebecca piersol maternity photos rebecca piersol maternity photos


rebecca piersol maternity photos
rebecca piersol maternity photos

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