How to Plan for a Sleek and Sexy Maternity Shoot

rebecca piersol maternity photos

Let’s start this one out by saying, going into this shoot I was kicking myself for not scheduling our maternity photos sooner.  I was 35 weeks when we took these, and I really wish I had scheduled them around 30 weeks. At 30 weeks I felt better and, in my opinion, looked better. Cute bump and not all the swelling.  Luckily for me, Johnny assured me that I looked great so I decided to just embrace the hot, sweaty, pregnant bod for the photos.



Naturally, I had a hard time deciding on a location and a vibe, so I decided to do more than one location and not two but three different *vibes.*  We went with Romantic/Ethereal, Street Style & Sleek/Sexy.   I started out with one big long blog post for all three looks but it was going to be INTENSE so I decided to create three different posts. Here you’ll find my tips for a sleek and sexy shoot. For the others, click through below to find a full post on the vibe you are looking for.



OK, back to the topic at hand..

rebecca piersol maternity photos

get the sleek & sexy vibes

If you told me a year ago that I would be taking any sort of picture that could be “sexy” I would have told you that you were insane. But pregnancy does crazy things to people. And I am one of those people! The only way to get through this pregnancy still loving myself was to embrace my changing body and one of the ways I did that was to embrace the CURVES.  It might be partially because its HOT SUMMER and the only thing I feel like wearing is slinky dresses, but either way. I’m showing off the curves.

Some of the comfiest things for me have been dresses the tightly hug the bump, which truly surprised me.  So, I wanted to incorporate that into the photos.  I happened to get this red dress in a shipment from Revolve a couple months back and just never found the right time to wear it. THIS was the right time. It was time to embrace the SEXY. Embrace the bod. I think it is safe to say that if you are looking for sexy, REVOLVE is the place to go.

I created a little list with some sexy body con-style dresses at a range of prices over on my Revolve page that I think would be great to nail the sleek vibes. Lots of red options, too because there is just something about red, ya know? I will say that sizing can get tricky when you are trying to dress the bump so I recommend ordering a couple of sizes to see what works best.  Revolve shipping is so fast and returns are pretty easy.


rebecca piersol maternity photos

rebecca piersol maternity photoslocation

Choose a cosmopolitan location! (did that make me sound like a city gorl?) Downtown streets, or in our case, a rooftop parking deck with views of the city are perfect options.  If these aren’t options for you, really any street-style-y location works as long as you bring the outfit and the attitude. Also, you always want to choose golden hour. This is an hour or two before sunset and the lighting helps to add that extra *something* to the photos when you shoot at golden hour.

for the guys

It was HOT out, but there is nothing sexy about shorts, so I insisted John pull out his “good jeans” for this one. And you can’t go wrong with a white button down shirt and loafers.  But, these are just my personal opinions, of course! If you like your man in a different getup, I encourage you guys to make that decision together.  But, at the end of the day, my tip is to keep it simple. Simple is sexy.


rebecca piersol maternity photos



rebecca piersol maternity photos
rebecca piersol maternity photos

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