Things I Actually Used for Postpartum Recovery

rebecca piersol postpartum recover

So, I polled my instagram followers for things that they actually used during postpartum recovery and of course everyone had very different suggestions, but also lots of similar items, too.  My Amazon Storefront has a list with the things that you guys suggested and I wanted to do a more extensive post here with the things that I actually used.  AGAIN, like everything with pregnancy and postpartum, everyone is different! Obviously c-section recovery is very different than recovery from a vaginal birth and every birth is unique. SO, here is what worked for me.

ALWAYS DISCREET “Underwear” – Let’s call it like it is: diapers. I switched off between these and pads, just depending on how I felt that day. Honestly, changing the pads gets so annoying but the diapers aren’t the most comfortable thing in the world either. Its lose/lose and super uncomfy and annoying but such is the price we pay for bringing adorable children into the world 🙂

AMAZON UNDERWEAR & KINDRED BRAVELY UNDERWEAR – Both of these are big enough to accommodate the intense pads required postpartum.  I am still wearing these at eight weeks postpartum because they are jump simply super comfy and have great coverage.  Aside from SKIMS, I think these will be in rotation…. forever………

HATCH COLLECTION BRAS – Basically any of the Hatch bras are amazing.  I have the Skin to Skin bra, Dream Feed Nursing & Sleep Bra and the Essential Nursing and Pumping bra. They are pricey, but you go through so many bras if you are nursing and swimming in breast milk like I am, so to me they are worth it.

AMAZON NURSING BRAS – I also grabbed a packet of these since like I said, I am going through so many.  The fit is definitely not that great, but when my Hatch bras are all dirty, I will wear one of these.

FRIDA MOM PERI BOTTLE – This was maybe the most suggested item from friends and followers when I asked on instagram.  Helpful for recovery after any kind of birth! Clean and refresh *down there* with this.

rebecca piersol postpartum recover

NEMAH NIPPLE & LIP BALM – In addition to raw and chapped nipples, my lips are constsantly getting chapped lately and this stuff has been a lifesaver. I have to of them and keep one with me at all times. I love the community that Mary Lawless Lee (aka Happily Grey) has created with her Nemah products in addition to them actually being helpful. Use code THIS LINK or code REBECCAPIERSOL15OFF to save!

HAAKA SILICONE BREAST PUMP – If you choose to breastfeed, this will be VERY useful during feeding.  While the baby feeds on one breast, the other one lets down at the same time and if you are like me, will start leaking! You can catch the breast milk with the Haakaa and save for a bottle later or freeze for later later.

TUCKS COOLING PADS – Another fan favorite. These provide relief for everything *down there*. This might be TMI but I used them when I had hemorrhoids during pregnancy and then after birth. I would put them inside my pads to help the rough situation down there!

Lansinoh TheraPearl Breast Therapy Pack – These pads can be made hot or cold for whichever you need! I had a clogged duct recently and used these as heating pads to help soften the breast tissue and it worked like a charm! If you have chapped nipples and boobs, putting them in the freezer for cool relief works, too. 

skims fits everybody

MOM FRIENDS! Leave a comment with things you felt helpful during your postpartum recovery so that we can spread the knowledge for our pregnant friends. 


postpartum recovery
postpartum recovery

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  1. Caitlin
    September 21, 2022 / 6:39 pm

    I am currently using so many of these things too! I love the bodily mesh postpartum underwear. I tried the frida ones and they gave me a rash on my booty!! Not cool. But bodily one’s are so comfy.

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