Casual Beth Dutton Style

If Beth Dutton had an everyday uniform, I think that this would be it. Call it a costume or call it western-inspired style – whatever it is, here it is 🙂

beth dutton style inspoLast year I shared my most visited blog post to date, which was how to recreate Beth Dutton’s style for Halloween.  I chose the big fur coat look and for a whole year you guys have been repeatedly visiting the site.  Is it Beth Dutton’s not give a F attitude or just that we love western inspired style? Maybe both!

So, since you guys seem to like this style, I decided to share a more casual look that I have actually just been wearing as an everyday outfit.  Not a costume.  But it would certainly do perfectly as a costume! You can shop your own closet or add some new pieces to recreate this look.

beth dutton style inspo


A fall classic, a ranch must have.  A comfy flannel is a wardrobe staple. The one here is fabulouso from REVOLVE.  I LOVE this Free People one, too and have been wearing it on REPEAT since I got it recently.  If you want something more affordable, there is always Amazon.  I like to wear my flannels open over a tank or a crop and have been living in my SKIMS as the middle layer.


Ranch Road Boots are the best. Period. If you are looking for a real pair of cowboy boots and are willing to spend the money for authenticity, these are just the best! The quality is unmatched.  If you want a pair of fashion- cowboy boots *as I call them* Dolce Vita has a good pair.  Amazon of course has cheap pairs if you just want the style and not the authenticity.

beth dutton style inspo


For the first Beth Dutton costume, I just grabbed a cheap hat from Amazon. It did the trick for the costume, but I didn’t really wear it otherwise.  Last year when we went to Steamboat I decided to finally get a *real* hat, and got myself a Stetson. It definitely makes me feel like Beth on the reg.


A good pair of jeans really can make you feel great.  I came to truly appreciate my love of jeans during pregnancy when I couldn’t wear them, lol.   I LOVE this Abercrombie pair and you also can’t go wrong with a pair of classic Levis.

beth dutton style inspo

casual beth dutton style
rebecca piersol beth dutton style

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