Baby Things: The First 3 Months

newborn bath

There are SO many suggestions for things that you need before your baby comes. All babies are different and all moms are different but we all want to be prepared, so we register for all of it. I was definitely guilty of this! I thought if I had all the things that would make this giant life change easier.  And it some ways it did, and some ways it didn’t. It certainly didn’t hurt. But there were definitely lots of things we never used because they just didn’t fit with our needs.

SO, I thought I would just highlight a few things that we registered for, got and used a lot in the first three months.  Again, these are my personal experiences and opinions but hopefully they are a helpful for you!


The boppy is one of those things you either receive as a hand-me-down or you definitely have on your registry! It is meant for different uses as your baby grows and starts out as a *nursing pillow* Personally, I didn’t really use it when nursing, but we did use it just as a little lounger on our lap to give our arms a rest. John particularly loved using it this way! Then, as they grow you can use it for tummy time, help to learn to sit up and lounge once they can sit up. Definitely worth having.  Our rainbow Boppy Cover. Use my code REBECCAPIERSOL for 15% off.

boppy for newborn
boppy for baby

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We have 2 diaper caddies in our house. One in our bedroom for late night / early morning diaper changes and one downstairs.  Both are stacked with the essentials so you don’t have to wonder where the wipes are, where you can find those burp cloths that keep disappearing, etc.  They are also GREAT for travel. If you are going somewhere via car you can just fill it full and take it with you! We did this when we went to the beach, the Homestead and to my sisters when Olive was a newborn. Here are a few caddies & the essentials I like to keep in it.



uppababy stroller


We chose to register for the Uppababy Cruz Stroller and Mesa Car Seat. The Cruz is the smaller stroller (Vista is the larger) and since I usually have to get in a car to go for a walk, I wanted something a little smaller.  The real question is: Is Uppababy worth it? My experience: YES. The car seat is manageable, easy to put in the car on its base and you can use it with the stroller making everything just that much easier.  I don’t really have experience with any others except from our initial research but what I can tell you is this: WE LOVE OUR UPPABABY CRUZ V 2 & MESA CAR SEAT. period. My mom has the Vista and we love that too.


I didn’t see how this could possibly be worth its price tag, but boy was I wrong. Babies just LOVE this bouncer. SO simple yet effective. A must.


OH, the swaddle days! How I miss them! Everything seemed easier then. We tried a bunch of different swaddles and when Olive slept through the night the first time in this Freshly Picked Swaddle that was it. It was the only one we used until she *busted out* of it and we had to stop.  It is so easy to use and I have only heard good things from other friends who have tried it too!

freshly picked swaddle


LOVEVERY’s play gym and play kits take the guess work out baby toys.  Their play kits come with various toys curated for your babies age, grow with them and are truly perfect for each phase.  Olive LOVES her Lovevery toys and they make it so easy for me.  See more about LOVEVERY here!



baby things
baby things 3 months


  1. February 1, 2023 / 3:51 pm

    Oh! My brother and his girlfriend are currently pregnant, and the boppy sounds like the perfect gift! 🙂

    • rebeccapiersol
      February 1, 2023 / 6:48 pm

      YES! It is!! Be sure to use code REBECCAPIERSOL to save 15%!

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