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looking for the best clothing subscription service for everyday use? nuuly is it. read on to find out why.

nuuly clothing rental

I have tried every clothing service out here in an effort to not buy so many new clothes! Without naming names, I ended up getting rid of each of them because they were either too expensive or I wasn’t wearing the clothes often enough or I was sick of the selection.  Then I tried NUULY! Here are the reasons I love NUULY.

— the price  —

You get 6 pieces each month for $88. This is by far the most affordable service out there.  Period.

Photo Jan 04 2023, 3 41 47 PM

– maternity clothes

Nuuly has a great maternity selection! The nice Maternity clothing brands that I loved, like Hatch and Ingrid & Isabel can be pretty pricey! If you only plan on getting pregnant once, or you are uncertain, it can be hard to stomach some of the prices of maternity clothes.  Nuuly has some great pieces available from these brands that I basically rotated between everyday last summer. Here are some favorites >>


favorite brands — 

Nuuly has thousands of pieces from everyday brands like Free People & Anthropologie! This means, if you wanted,  you could get 6 everyday favorites like maxi dresses and sweaters for less than the price of one full priced Free People maxi dress. This alone makes it worth it for me. I love to get at least one or two Free People pieces per shipment because I know they are going to get a lot of use.

watch me unpack and try on a winter nuuly box

nuuly free people nuuly free people

— farm rio — 

The colorful Brazilian brand has lots of gorgeous pieces on nuuly and this also makes the subscription wellllll worth it. Instead of spending a couple hundred dollars on a dress you might wear once, you can just rent for special occasions! Farm Rio is a perfect special occasion brand and you can see two of my favorite Farm Rio rentals below.


nuuly farm rio nuuly farm rio

dressing for changing size — 

My sizing has been fluctuating like crazy ever since Olive was born. I am currently at my lowest weight in 20 years (hello, breastfeeding!) but know that my body will continue to change as Olive grows. I didn’t want to have to buy new closet staples like jeans and tops just because I can’t fit into my old ones! So, renting makes lots of sense. I also love that people leave really detailed reviews on nuuly so you know what size to order!

Photo Jan 04 2023, 3 40 47 PM nuuly rental



nuuly clothing rental rebecca piersol
nuuly clothing rental rebecca piersol

nuuly clothing rental rebecca piersol

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