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Of course on the day I decide to write this post it is a balmy 65 degrees out here in Richmond, VA. But also, we just got back last week from skiing in multiple blizzards in Colorado. And in typical me fashion, I am just now getting around to unpacking our bags. SO, Olive’s laundry is fresh on my mind and I thought I would come on here to share some thoughts about dressing your toddler for the snow ❄️ 

Olive is 18 months and wearing somewhere between 12 m and 2 T clothes so we brought a couple of options with us on our recent ski trip to Colorado! I found a waterproof snowsuit from H&M that was SO cute and what I thought was a great price. It ended up running pretty big, but Olive was still able to walk in it so it worked fine.  It most definitely kept her warm.  We also decided to get a pair of snow bibs to go along with her winter North Face and she wore those as well! 



I will say that the one piece is definitely a little easier because its, well, one piece! But if you don’t want to spend extra money and already have a waterproof winter coat – the bibs were significantly cheaper! I bought her a cute little pink pair from Amazon that did the trick just fine, and bought her a pair of pink boots *with the furrrr* from amazon too. I was shocked at how waterproof and durable they were. She wore them out in thes now everyday and they never got wet. Recommend 10/10 !!  

Under both the snowsuit and the bibs / jacket, she wore a little matching set made from thick cotton, as well as an undershirt /onesie. It was really cold while we were there, but that was plenty of layers underneath the snow gear. You definitely don’t want them getting overheated. 

I would suggest getting larger sized mittens that you can just pull up over their arms if they are like Olive and not used to having gloves on. She kept flapping them off and it definitely would have helped to have a larger size. 

Olive’s winter coat is North Face and SO cute. Comes in a couple different patterns that are reversible. We decided to size up so it will fit her for a couple seasons.   We also brought a couple pairs of Babiators with us because it can be REAL bright out in the snow. Plus, how cute do they look? They’re protecting her little eyes too. A must, honestly.






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