Things To Do With Toddlers At The Omni Homestead

Planning a trip with your family to The Omni Homestead Resort? It’s totally family friendly.

homestead with toddlers

You guys know we love The Homestead. We got married there. We have taken multiple trips there every year since we met. It is the most special place to us.  I have dreamed of playing with my daughter here for YEARS and the first two times we came with her were great (11 weeks and 8 months), but this time was even better. Watching her run the halls and the grounds, discover *checkeeerrrssss* and eat ice cream for the first time was truly the best.

If you’re wondering if there is enough to do for your toddler on a vacation at The Omni Homestead Resort you’re in the right place.


Swim year-round in the gorgeous, recently renovated indoor pool located near the Fitness Center and Spa! It’s heated (of course!) and it only gets as deep as 6 feet. If your kids are a little older, there are couches and comfy chairs for you to hang in while they swim.

homestead with toddlers


Everywhere you turn at The Homestead there are games! And not just for kids. There are checkers and chessboards located throughout the resort, multiple pool tables, puzzles and more.  There are also lawn games like croquet and corn hole and when the weather is nice, a slew of others out there as well! Of course Olive doesn’t know how to play most of these games, but anything NEW with *pieces* or *balls* provides entertainment.

homestead with toddlers

homestead with toddler


During the summer, Allegheny Springs boasts a heated pool, hot tub, lazy river, cabana and water slides! It is literally heaven on earth for kids of ALL ages (aka adults, too.)  During the cooler months, the heated outdoor pool and hot tub remain open!  I have to admit that I only ever took advantage of the hot tub until we had Olive, but it is so nice now to have the pool option for the kids.

omni homestead resort
homestead with toddlers


Is there anything better than being a child in a hotel? Some of my fondest memories as a child are running through the halls of hotels with my cousins. Riding the elevators up and down (sorry everyone else!) and feeling like we had so much new space to explore! The Homestead really takes that to a new level. SO many hallways to run through. Guaranteed to tire them out for naptime or bedtime.


There is always something going on in the Great Hall! Whether it’s live music during tea time (snack time) or a crackling fire in the winter time. There is always something to entertain the little ones.  Each night before dinnertime there is a piano player and Olive and all the other little ones loved dancing to the music.  Parents can grab a drink from the Presidential Lounge, kids can grab ice cream from Martha’s Market and everyone can enjoy the sweet, cozy ambiance of the Great Hall.

homestead with toddler
homestead with toddler


Recently reopened after a MAJOR renovation, the Warm Springs Pools (or Jefferson Baths as I always knew them) are a must-visit for all ages. We took Olive last year when she was only 8 months old and she has loved the water ever since! She loved it even more this time.  You must book your visit in advance and make sure you visit during family swim.  You have 50 mins to float in the natural warm springs (98 degrees) and soak up all the magical healing properties as a family. It is an unforgettable experience.

omni homestead resort renovations


Yep, arcade! There is a full arcade located 9in the basement beneath Jefferson’s Tap Room and restaurant.  For toddlers, the arcade itself is entertainment enough! Olive loved to climb up into the chairs for the driving games and just run around pushing all the buttons on the machine.  For older kids, you load up a play card to access the games. It’s a brilliant idea.

homestead for toddlers


No matter the weather, you can always strap your toddler into their stroller and take a little walk! Like I said before, there are practically endless hallways. Of course, there are also beautiful grounds on and surrounding the resort and we always love to take the path up along the golf course to see the resort from our favorite view point at the top of the hill. It’s the perfect after dinner stroll.

homestead for toddlers

If you’re looking for a kid-friendly resort, The Omni Homestead is truly one of the best out there. For older kids, they also have the Kids Club, where you can drop your kids to do all sorts of fun activities while you relax.  I also forgot to take photos, but they also have an excellent playground down by the Kids Club cottage as well.

Feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email or a DM if you have any further questions about traveling to the Homestead!

homestead for toddlers


toddlers homestead resort
toddlers homestead resort

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