baby things: the first 3 months 

by Rebecca Piersol

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here are some things from our baby registry and things we bought and actually used in the first 3 months!

so simple, yet so effective. they love it! I  it always calms her down and makes her smile!


The boppy pillow is the gift that keeps on giving! Use it for nursing support for newborns, tummy time & lounging as the weeks and months go by.  code REBECCAPIERSOL for 15% off!

the easiest way to bathe your newborn is using this flower bath in the sink! 

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essentials linked!

diaper caddy!

or two

lovevery play gym& play kits 

Montessori toys for each stage - taking the guesswork out of baby toys! 

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UPPABABY.  We have the Mesa Car Seat & Cruz stroller. I have tried others and have friends who have others and Uppababy hands down is the best. The Vista is the stroller to get if you plan on having more than one child! 

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olive started sleeping through the night with this one!


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