CBD on Revolve Beauty

CBD oil is known to help a variety of issues including anxiety, headaches, body aches, stress & trouble sleeping. It's healing and relief properties make it all  the rage these days

I recently expanded my CBD usage into the beauty realm and these products from Revolve Beauty have worked wonders on my skin, hair & body. Here are a  few of my favorites

herbivore emerald


A glorious face oil with 100 mg of CBD and adaptogens to soothe your skin and calm the look of redness to help out your dry, stressed skin! Herbivore can do no wrong and this is one of my very favorite products. 

saint jane c drops


I just LOVE the way this CBD oil makes your face tingle so you really know it's working! This oil is packed with 500 mg of CBD as well as Vitamin C and a whole bunch of other goodies.  This oil truly feels LUXE.

lab to beauty  shampoo & conditioner


I have to admit I had no idea there was such a thing as CBD Shampoo and Conditioner, but I LOVE the way these make my hair feel after, and they truly soothe the scalp during use. 

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