Mayfair Sweats

The Mayfair Group has been making a splash on instagram. This cult brand spreads messages of love, acceptance and positive vibes 


Each piece from The Mayfair Group is a perfectly curated PSA and for this reason, they have become popular for celebrities and instagram influencers looking to make a statement.


These sweatshirts, sweatpants and shorts are priced a little higher not only because of their cult following, but also their quality. On chilly days, they are the first thing I reach for from my closet because they are truly the best.

Say Less, Mean More - It Costs Zero Dollars to be a Nice Person - Go Where You Feel Most Alive  - Thank You For Asking About My Mental Health

Favorite Mayfair PSAs include:


how people are styling their Mayfair sweats on instagram with #MayfairWorld


Mayfair Sweats