Treat Yourself This Summer

The year is over half way over & it is time to check-in with yourself amidst the summer chaos.

Here are a few ways to treat yourself as a reward for just being you so far in 2021. Think of it as a Christmas in July.

go to the spa

Treat yourself to a day at your local spa. Whether you prefer a facial, a massage or a bath soak, relax your mind and body and recharge your spirit.

take time to read

Grab a new book: a beach read, a mystery thriller or an old favorite series and take the time to yourself to immerse yourself in a good novel. 

swipe up for a few of our current and past favorite reads

buy a new suit

A new swimsuit can make a girl feel like a million bucks. Remember, every body is a beach body.

take a YOU day

Play hookie or take a personal day during the week. Enjoy a good meal or a drink with a friend and don't think about work for just one day.


Buy yourself a new piece of jewelry or two. I love the simple elegance of gorjana to add subtle sparkle to my everyday vibe.